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Do you want to improve physically and / or mentally? Do you need a conditioning coach?

Have you ever thought that: ”the stress inside my head is preventing the best out of me in a competition”?

Or perhaps you are a top athlete who needs a mentor or new coaching tricks?

With me you can improve your swimming skills or running capability. I am happy to be your personal trainer either in your own gym or we can find a gym that works with your training requirements. I can also organize a boot camp outside for you and your friends, if you wish.

“The body does what the mind thinks.” With me you will find your inner strength and improve your mental skills. We can focus on improving your self-confidence, find out routines that work for you, learn how to use focus and imagery to improve your performance. On top of that together we can find ways to optimize your inner motivation. I am using NLP tools as a part of my mental coaching sessions. I am a professional coach, PT and have a master’s degree in sports science in the field of biomechanics and performance testing. I have been coaching swimmers for more than 12 years and other sports randomly, for example diving, gymnastics and alpine skiers conditioning coach.

Please feel free to contact me and don’t hesitate to ask more.

Let’s do this together, I believe in you!

Sport sessions (swim / dive / run / work out) can be hold in Helsinki area and Lahti.


Conditioning and Swimming coaching

  • 70 € / h 1 person OR take 5 lessons for 300 €
  • 95 € / h 2 persons – Go with your Friend! OR take 5 lessons for 425 €
      Pricing incl. vat 24% and individual training program gym, swim or run with technical analyses

Mental coaching

  • 120 € / session (incl. vat 24%)
  • Regular meetings are recommended, please ask more for offers!

Feeling Good -Package

  • 240 € / 4 sessions (incl. vat 24%)

Package Includes:

  •  1 swim/run coaching with technical analyses
  •  1 fitness / PT training in a gym / boot camp
  •  1 mental work out and body balance with stretching
  •  1 choice of your own (swim, run, fit or mental)


Topics for the training sessions / lectures in the area of well-being and sports can be for example:

  • Positive thoughts
  • Goal setting
  • Stress control
  • How to control my mind – and my body
  • Body and pain
  • The power of my thoughts
  • Daily balance – work, sleep, sport, eat
  • Imagery training – influence to  your performance

Ask for special price!

Lectures can be hold anywhere in Finland (travelling expenses added).


Please contact me:

Body Mind & Beyond

Tel: +358 45 129 8189